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As a world class-leader for leadership development, research and innovation, we are the most  global resourceful leadership and research institute.

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We collaborate with global stakeholders to promote leadership and research in various fields that impact on society and its progressive development. We use our expertise, skills, experience, and knowledge to develop leaders and empower them to make informed decisions.


As a world class-leader for leadership development, research and innovation, we are the most global resourceful leadership and research institute.



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Program aimed at ensuring that 
the school environment does not present health risks to learners and teachers. This 
program is aimed at identifying, evaluating and controlling school related health hazards.                                                       
Hazards in schools may be in many forms including physical hazards, chemical hazards, ergonomic hazards, biological hazards and psychosocial hazards.


Directed at the youth (up to 18 years old), Dr Myeni offers this program in partnership with Dr Johan Maxwell, a leadership guru. This program is offered free of charge, learners do not have to pay to attend this program. 
Dr Maxwell does not attend the events. This program is comprised of 16 lessons spread out over four units with the goal of helping teenagers learn leadership values and teaching them how to apply them to their own lives from leadership expert John C. Maxwell. The iChoose leadership values program was designed to help students accomplish five goals:                                                                                                        
▪ Identify with the 16 values of leadership 
▪ Take ownership of their choices 
▪ Practice leadership values and develop those skills 
▪ Evaluate themselves with their applied knowledge 
▪ Take turns guiding small group discussions

During the master minds sessions, we unpack leadership and assist 
participants to become better leaders. These are small group sessions of up to 10 participants.

Meet The Researchers

Dr Sibongiseni Myeni

Dr Sibongiseni Myeni is a University of Zululand alumnus, University of KwaZulu-Natal alumnus, Nelson Mandela University alumnus, and Walden University alumnus. After completing his Doctor of Business Administration, together with Dr Ngcobo, formally launched the Institute for Leadership and Research, in pursuit of their mission as lifelong scholars, learners, and implementers of positive social change.

Dr Ntombenhle Ngcobo

Dr Ngcobo is a University of Natal alumnus, University of the Witwatersrand alumnus, and Nelson Mandela University alumnus. Dr Ngcobo is a medical doctor with post graduate training in occupational health, public health and bioethics. She has Master of Science in Medicine in the field of Bioethics and Health Law; and a Master of Business Administration.